McBride Boothe Group


We offer 2 levels of services customized to your needs. For a quick overview, please see below.

Option 1: Renovation Package

In order to help sellers compete in our current real estate market, MD Rose Realty & Renovations is providing a new option.  We will thoroughly assess your home for areas needing improvements.  Once the home is assessed, we will then come up with a plan for managing and completing these improvements for the homeowner.  After a review of the homeowner’s neighborhood market for comparable properties, we can help the homeowner determine if the cost of these improvements will be a good investment.  Reviewing the homes sold comparables in the neighborhood will provide a financial investment ceiling and will direct the homeowner on whether or not to invest in these improvements.

Option 2: Full Service Listing Agreement

This option includes all of the services listed below:

  1. Place “For Sale” Sign in Yard
  2. Place Keybox for Realtors on door
  3. Place home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for Realtors
  4. Register home with the Centralized Showing Services (CSS)
  5. Assist with staging and presentation of home.
  6. Engage the services of Tour this Place to take photographs. Meet with photographer to ensure photo session goes well.
  7. Place photographs and Virtual Tour of Home on Various Web Sites including Realtor.com
  8. Provide Full color brochure with photographs and property details.
  9. Provide signs for MLS Realtor Open House and advertise on MLS
  10. Be the direct contact for all agent and buyer phone calls and emails.
  11. Provide necessary paper work and act as a consultant to seller during negotiations with buyers.
  12. Coordinate transaction once a contract is negotiated creating a smoother and simpler transition for buyer and seller.
  13. Assist seller in managing repairs necessary to sell home.
  14.  Assist seller in managing any necessary repairs following buyer inspection
  15. Join seller at the closing table.


1. Assist buyers establish the following desires

  • Location of Home
  • Style of Home
  • Purchase price of Home
  • Size of Home
  • Condition of Home

2. Educate buyer on the Options:

  • Designate areas where buyer desires are available
  • Assist buyer in narrowing down what best fits their needs
  • Send or show buyer all home selections meeting their criteria
  • Assist buyer narrow down the home of their choice

3. Assist Buyer Negotiate Offer to Purchase Home

  • Help buyer write appropriate offer to present to seller
  • Present and negotiate offer on behalf of buyer
  • Deliver all checks, notices, and contracts to appropriate places

4. Assist Buyer with Home Inspection and Negotiations

  • Review home inspection with buyer
  • Assist buyer with decisions regarding necessary repairs
  • Assist buyer with negotiation of repairs with seller
  • Assist buyer with decisions about repair completion

5. Assist Buyer with Closing of Transaction

  • Accompany buyer to Title Company
  • Review Closing documents and assist buyer with questions
  • Assist buyer with taking possession of home from seller